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Public Relations

Acting as the voice of Ideal Concepts within the insurance industry and general public.

About the team

Public Relations is more than just writing and distributing press releases, although Ideal Concepts’ PR team does that well. They also handle media inquiries, schedule interviews with outside sources, write story pitches for journalists, conduct market research on the company’s messaging, and create and execute special events for public outreach.

The PR team works closely with all internal departments to make sure the company’s message is universal and on target. Then, they use their ability to cultivate industry relationships and craft engaging stories to promote company initiatives to the public.

Team metrics

Average 5k Leads Generated/Year

Over 10 Press Releases Published/Year

Average 5 Media Interviews/Year

More Than 30 Industry & Company Awards

PresidentMeet our President!

John Pequeno

John Pequeno’s foray into insurance came in 2005, as he was finishing his Master’s in Computer Engineering at Lehigh University and working as a developer at Lutron Electronics. He got the notion to create innovative sales tech for one of the least technologically advanced industries, insurance.

John started iWebQuotes, an insurance lead generation site that’s since evolved into a private insurance exchange. He launched SalesRadix, an intuitive Customer Relationship Manager hundreds of agents use to connect to individuals searching for insurance in real time. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, linking hundreds of thousands of clients with experienced insurance agents and reputable carriers.

John Pequeno
“Ideal Concepts strives to provide the most reputable insurance solutions for clients, the most innovative sales technology for agents, and the highest production levels for carriers.”

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