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Putting you in the driver’s seat so you can navigate the career of your dreams.

Key metrics

Career Growth 30% Of Current Employees Have Been Promoted At Least Once

Equal Opportunity 50/50 Split Of Male/Female Employees

Average Retention 3.5 Years And Growing

Rapid Growth 58 New Hires Retained In The Past Year

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Ideal Concepts Careers

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Oversee the innovation at Ideal Concepts, gathering ideas, creating strategies, prioritizing projects, and implementing our cutting-edge technology and new features.


Work closely with our Recruiting, Sales, and Business Development departments to stay on top of current trends and brainstorm new ways of finding potential, qualified insurance clients.


Offer products from over 100 different insurance carriers to our millions of customers. Our agents use their knowledge of insurance to create a personalized insurance experience for each customer.

Human Resources

Hire, engage, support, and retain the passionate insurance professionals that help us deliver the personalized service our customers expect and deserve.

Human Resources

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Keep the company running like a well-oiled machine by partnering with the right industry leaders, driving revenue, managing budgets and a host of other support services.


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Employee benefits Benefits

Employee Health Insurance


Employee Supplemental

Insurance Covered

Company 401k


Company HSA


15 PTO days

To Start

Four Company-Wide

Family Events

Individual Team-Building


Monthly Birthday

Potluck Lunches

What we do

A quick look into our process

From matching people in need with insurance products, to ongoing service, we're working everyday to simplify the insurance shopping experience.

Who we are

Our mission is to provide flawless solutions with remarkable service to every client.


We passionately believe in our vision and mission, and the impact we provide for our clients.


We recognize opportunities and then take ownership and initiative in support of our mission.


We are determined to realize our goals and do not compromise on quality.


We continually refine our knowledge and skills so that we expand on our expertise.

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