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Developing and maintaining the cutting-edge tech that keeps us running.

About the department

From developing new, proprietary sales tech like SalesRadix, to ensuring that all the technology and equipment every team uses on a day-to-day basis are functional and convenient, our Technology Department helps make life easier for agents and employees.

The department is made up of teams that oversee the innovation at Ideal Concepts, gathering ideas, creating strategies, prioritizing projects, and implementing our cutting-edge technology and new features. This department spends its time continually improving the user experience for agents in SalesRadix and working closely with government agencies to make sure iWebQuotes is giving clients the right information in a user-friendly format, while managing all security risks and adhering to all regulations.

Additionally, the Technology Department maintains the tools used directly and indirectly by all 200+ employees, hundreds of agents, and hundreds of thousands of clients.

Department metrics

Rollout 20+ Software Releases/Month

Administer 350+ Employees’ IT Needs

Integrate With 10+ Insurance Exchanges

Manage Over 1M VOIP Calls/Year

Technology leadership!Meet our Technology leadership!

Vikas Agarwal

Vikas Agarwal has been with Ideal Concepts since its inception in some capacity or another. Originally contracted to handle some engineering work, Vikas eventually joined our team as the only engineer. Now, he manages a team of more than a dozen!

He has nearly 20 years of experience, which has proven to be invaluable to our efforts as an insurance technology leader. Vikas spends his time gathering engineering requirements and converting them into detailed technical specifications.

He is responsible for planning and designing all of the necessary engineering work that his team handles. Vikas also manages and monitors team sprints. Outside of work, Vikas plays chess and is an amateur astronomer.

Vikas Agarwal
“My journey with Ideal Concepts has been highly gratifying in terms of personal and professional growth, work opportunities, and learning. The company’s work culture promotes innovation and experimentation in engineering, thus bringing out the best in me.”

Joshua Miller

Joshua has a bachelor’s degree in Network and Communications Management and a master’s degree in Information Systems Management. He has been in Information Technology for 14 years and started with Ideal Concepts in 2019. Josh began his career at Best Buy for the Geek Squad and after graduating with his bachelor’s degree, worked at a Radiology company in NJ where he grew his extensive knowledge of complex company infrastructure, infrastructure security, project management, and Infrastructure management.

In his spare time, Josh enjoys tinkering with different types of technology, playing video games, and outdoor activities such as bike riding and kayaking.

Joshua Miller
“I enjoy working at Ideal Concepts because the culture is progressive, the technology we use is cutting edge and ever changing, and the different departments are a pleasure to work with.”

Department teams

Data Science


Data Science

Our Data Science team designs innovative analytic methods that improve the accuracy or efficiency of the existing services while meeting complex design requirements and project timelines. Our Data Scientists also analyze healthcare, sales, and other proprietary data and help condense this information into a digestible format for all employees at Ideal Concepts. Our sales, marketing, and business development teams especially use this data on a regular basis.

Information Technology


Information Technology

Ideal Concepts’ Information Technology team oversees the implementation and maintenance of our company’s IT/IS needs while effectively managing our IT resources. They manage all our complex IT infrastructure including business and production systems. They also do IT-related training for staff, and troubleshoot issues related to software, hardware, devices, servers, networks, etc.

Software Engineering


Software Engineering

Our engineers spend their time analyzing user requirements for our technology, as well as researching, designing, and writing new software programs. Ideal Concepts’ software engineering team also expands existing programs, analyzes, and implements new features, creates technical specifications, and tests plans.

Desktop Support


Desktop Support

Our Desktop Support team keeps all company issued computer equipment running so employees face minimal downtime and frustration. Support analysts respond to phone calls, emails and help desk tickets and, when necessary, provide help to users via remote desktop.




The Product team is made up of product managers, business analysist and UX/UI designers. The team works with just about every department in the company to come up with intelligent solutions to some very complex business problems.

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