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Guiding our clients to make smart insurance decisions.

About the department

Ideal Concepts partners with over 100 different insurance carriers, which allows our Sales Department to offer a variety of products to our millions of customers. Since every customer is unique, our agents use their knowledge and skills to create a personalized insurance experience every time.

The Sales Department is made up of four dedicated teams: Health Sales Management, Medicare Sales Management, Life Sales Management, and Property Sales Management. Each team has sales experts managing licensed agents across the country.

The insurance industry is constantly changing, so our Sales Department must adapt to new trends quickly. Our Sales Management teams work fast to provide up-to-date information to all agents so that we can provide timely and comprehensive service to customers.

Department metrics

More Than 150k Enrollments Annually

Work With 100+ Individual Health Carriers

Partner With 7 Medicare Carriers

Makes Up 37% Of The Company

Sales leadership!Meet our Sales leadership!

Michael Papuc

Michael has been with Ideal Concepts for the past 11 years and has more than 15 years of sales experience. He got his start selling independent brokers health and life leads, back when Ideal Concepts’ main venture was lead generation. Michael soon became a broker himself.

After 6 years as one of the top sales agents in the country, Michael took on a leadership role as a sales manager in the fall of 2013. Using his vast experience in sales and the health insurance industry, Michael’s main role now is to train and support the Sales Management team, so they can help agents reach their full potential.

Michael Papuc
“Ideal Concepts has allowed me to grow in my career. I love collaborating with Assistant Sales Managers on how we can motivate and push agents to their full potential.”

Joshua Westendorp

Josh has over 12 years of Sales Leadership in a Medicare, Life and ACA Insurance verticals. As the Sales Strategy Leader for the company, he’s been instrumental in building the framework our company uses to build and replicate successful insurance producers. Josh has helped create a High-performing sales culture, built on the company’s mission statement, "provide flawless solutions with remarkable service.to every customer."

Joshua Westendorp
“I believe the insurance industry has the potential to change your life. Ideal Concepts provides agents with topnotch leadership and proven skillsets to help them manage the roadmap to success and realize their potential.”

Matthew Schwoyer

Matthew Schwoyer has an extensive sales background going back more than 15 years in a variety of roles ranging from retail sales to health and life insurance sales. He started with Ideal Concepts as an Health Sales Agent in 2016. After becoming a top sales agent, Matthew was asked to join the company as part of our health insurance sales management team in 2017.

He worked as an Assistant Sales Manager position, using his expertise in sales and insurance to help influence other sales agents, and became a Team Lead for the Health Sales Management in 2019. Most recently, Matt was named the Sales Manager for Life Sales. As the Life Insurance Sales Manager, Matthew works with carrier partners, Assistant Sales Managers, and agents to build and uphold the expectation that we value as a company to provide flawless solutions with remarkable service.

Matthew Schwoyer
“Ideal Concepts has helped me develop into not only a better manager, but a better person. The creative freedom and trust they provide allows me to take on tasks in a new and creative way.”

Department teams

Health Sales Management


Health Sales Management

The Health Sales Management team focuses on training and developing agents so that we can provide a first-class experience to all customers. They work with over 1,000 exclusive agents and train about 20 new agents every month. There is always something new and exciting to learn about in the health insurance industry!

Medicare Sales Management


Medicare Sales Management

The Medicare Sales Management team ensures our agents stay up to date on the highly regulated and constantly changing world of Medicare. They create comprehensive training courses, review calls, and encourage agents to provide flawless solutions with remarkable service to every client.

Life Sales Management


Life Sales Management

The Life Sales Management team provides our agents with quality training and timely updates to keep everyone in the loop on the latest life insurance industry changes. Our customers deserve a quality experience when buying life insurance, and our Life Sales Management team ensures that happens.

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