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Our story

It started with an ideal concept...


…what if buying and selling health insurance was actually quick and easy? Ideal Concepts was created with the idea of simplifying the sale of insurance products from carrier to agent to client.

Our milestones are centered around creating revolutionary tech, recruiting amazing employees and agents, partnering with top insurance carriers, helping to create sustainable and innovative insurance products, and growing our reach to millions of clients around the country. Follow our journey below.


InsureMe launches

InsureMe.com is launched as the first online insurance quoting service.


iWebQuotes launches

iWebQuotes starts as a lead generation site connecting insurance agents to clients across the country.


Ideal Concepts incorporates

Ideal Concepts is founded, and employees assist independent agents facilitate the sales process via administration, marketing, training, technology, and other support.

Ideal Concepts launches

Ideal Concepts is founded and employees support independent agents via administration, marketing, training, technology, etc.


Agency grows into one of the largest in the country

The agency achieves top 5 status with several national health insurance carriers.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is signed into law

President Barack Obama introduces the ACA to expand affordable health insurance options to the uninsured and Ideal Concepts’ agency pivots to an exclusive agent base to cater to industry changes.


Ideal Concepts partners with American Better Health Organization (ABHO)

Founded in 2002, the association focuses on healthy living. Ideal Concepts contracts with ABHO to take on the administration, marketing, and expansion of ABHO.


ACA’s first Open Enrollment Period

HealthCare.gov launches for 2014 health insurance coverage and Ideal Concepts’ agency begins selling ACA plans.


SalesRadix launches

SalesRadix gives agents access to everything they need to sell independently through one platform: leads, customer relationship management, virtual assistant, custom marketing, etc.

iWebQuotes develops into a private health exchange

Ideal Concepts contracts with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as a Web Broker, and iWebQuotes is one of four Web Brokers nationally who fully integration to circumvent technical issues on Healthcare.gov.


Ideal Concepts’ agency expands carrier partnerships.

The agency now partners with 60+ health insurance carriers in all 50 states, and has more than 3,000 contracted sales agents.


Medicare sales vertical launched

The agency partners with several major Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare Supplement carriers, and recruits agents to sell.


Ideal Concepts’s agency expands partnerships to Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM)

The agency is able to offer HCSMs to interested individuals, in addition to insurance products like ACA, Short Term Health and Hospital Indemnity.


Ideal Concepts acquires InsureMe, Inc.

InsureMe, the internet’s first online insurance quoting service evolved from a lead generation company into an insurance agency. Ideal Concepts begins plans to launch InsureMe as its agency.


The COVID-19 pandemic hits

Ideal Concepts immediately pivots to work from home for the foreseeable future, while maintaining and expanding employee team.


InsureMe contracts with 100+ carrier partners


InsureMe launches life insurance sales vertical

Ideal Concepts relaunches IdealConcepts.com


InsureMe will launch Auto and Home sales verticals