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Agent partners

The technology and marketing you need to take your sales to the next level.



From Affordable Care Act (ACA) to ACA alternative plans like Short Term Health, Hospital Indemnity and Health Care Sharing Ministries, you will have access to a variety of health solutions for our customers.

In addition to traditional and major health care options, you will offer ancillary products like dental, vision, critical illness, and accident insurance.


More Than 100k Enrollments Annually

Over 0.5m Total Clients

Contracted 600 Exclusive Agents


Approximately 10,000 people age into Medicare every day. This means the demand for complementary Medicare products like Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements has never been higher.

When our clients turn 65, they look to us—and you—for senior product solutions. With your help, Medicare beneficiaries will find the right coverage options for their needs.


More Than 6 Different Medicare Products

Work With 9 Different Medicare Carriers

Monthly average of 20 Sales Per Agent


As part of our objective to offer a complete, customized insurance solution to every family, we partner with top life carriers so you can offer Term, Whole, and Universal life insurance products to our deserving customers.

Life insurance can seem complex, confusing, and out of reach for the average individual, but with your help, we can provide products that cover every American.


Over 90% Issue Rate

Products In All 50 States

Over 500 Contracted Agents


From Homeowners to Renters Insurance, you will offer solutions to ensure our clients’ assets are covered. We want you to be by their side with relevant insurance products through every major life milestone, whether that be buying a house or moving to a new apartment.

As part of our Home insurance division, you will help every client choose products and coverage levels pertinent to their individual and unique life.


Over 7 Trusted Carrier Partners

More Than 50k Policies Written Anually

Over 100 Agents


Auto insurance is a necessary product to complete an individual’s insurance package, and Ideal Concepts works with all the top reputable carriers in the country so that you can offer quality coverage to all our clients.

You will compare prices and coverage for every client and walk with them every step of the way to ensure their auto insurance needs are satisfied.


Over 6 Trusted Carrier Partners

More Than 50k Policies Written Anually

Over 100 Agents

Our Mission

To provide flawless solutions with remarkable service to every client.

The Ideal Concepts advantage


As our agent, you’ll gain access to our proprietary sales tool, SalesRadix, where our dialer will send free leads right to you. Our private health exchange, iWebQuotes, allows you to bypass federal, state, and carrier enrollment platforms, enrolling clients in a custom solution featuring multiple products from a single source.


Our lead generation experts work closely with our data scientists to ensure you always have a steady stream of high-value, qualified leads. Our entire Marketing team is always on the lookout for new ways to attract potential clients for you. We focus on the marketing so you can focus on helping your clients.

Sales Leadership

Before you hop on the phones, you’ll receive superior training from our experienced Sales Managers. Our sales management team will continue to offer one-on-one support as you guide clients through the enrollment process. Training is ongoing to ensure you stay up to date on the latest insurance regulations, products, and carriers.

Administrative Support

Our support teams help you build a successful business by handling administrative tasks so you can focus on what you’re good at: sales. We help you acquire licenses, get appointed, receive commissions, and assist clients in finding the right solutions for their unique needs.

Leadership team

Solutions & technology

Our turnkey sales technology for agents, SalesRadix, is a one of a kind, cutting edge solution that combines free, real time, internet generated leads with a predictive dialer and proprietary customer relationship manager.

Other innovative sales technology, like a virtual assistant and automated marketing, helps connect agents instantly to individuals searching for insurance across the country.

SalesRadix has developed relationships with all the top insurance carriers, allowing you to offer clients the best plan to fit their needs.

Free, real time, internet generated leads

Automated emails and voicemails

Predictive Dialer

Virtual Assistant

Proprietary Customer Relationship Manager

Our private health exchange, iWebQuotes, instantly connects individuals looking for insurance with experienced insurance sales professionals in their area.

In addition to matching clients with an insurance agent, it also allows them to directly enroll into your plans if they choose to forgo an agent’s guidance.

Our private exchange was built in partnership with federal, state, and carrier enrollment platforms to act as a one-stop shopping platform for clients and agents alike.

Free insurance quotes

5 main insurance verticals

Supplemental insurance products


Agent-assisted enrollment

Educational and instructional tools

Key metrics

More Than 1,000 Exclusive Agents

Annual Income $75k On Average

Average Sales 20 Per Month

Over 80 Trusted Carriers

What we do

A quick look into our process

From matching people in need with insurance products, to ongoing service, we're working everyday to simplify the insurance shopping experience.

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