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Medicare Sales

Helping agents and clients navigate the complicated world of Medicare.

About the team

The Medicare industry is highly regulated and constantly changing. Our Medicare Sales Management team creates comprehensive training courses to ensure agents and Junior Assistant Sales Managers remain in compliance when selling our Medicare products.

Each Assistant Sales Manager (ASM) oversees 20-30 agents, who they drive to succeed and hit sales goals. Assistant Sales Managers are required to be experts in the Medicare field by knowing all the products our carriers offer and stay current on the latest industry trends. Junior Assistant Sales Managers learn the ropes by selling on our turn-key sales platform, SalesRadix. After a few months of selling, Junior Assistant Sales Managers can be promoted and begin leading their own teams of agents.

Team metrics

More Than 100k Enrollments/Year

Offer 6 Types Of Medicare Products

Partner With 7 Medicare Carriers

Average 20 Sales/Agent Monthly

Medicare Sales DirectorMeet our Medicare Sales Director!

Michael Smith

Michael Smith brings over 13 years of Medicare sales experience to Ideal Concepts. His career began as a sales agent which gave him the experience and perspective to be a highly effective sales leader.

Prior to joining Ideal Concepts in December of 2021, he built and lead large scale operations at industry leading companies such as Willis Towers Watson, Via Benefits, HPONE, Advice Insurance and Health IQ. Michael’s drive to succeed stems from his time playing competitive soccer for Western Michigan University and Centenary College.

Michael Smith
“I was looking for an industry leader who cared about helping others to take me to the next level in the Medicare industry. At Ideal Concepts, I know the foundations are in place to advance my career for a very long time.”

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