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Software Engineering

Developing and maintaining the innovative technology we are known for.

About the team

The Software Engineering team is at the heart of the “technology” portion of the business. Our software engineers help in scaling the sales and marketing operations, which allows the company to grow while also keeping operational costs low to remain competitive in the industry. They develop and maintain the insurance sales technology created at Ideal Concepts, including SalesRadix and iWebQuotes.com.

Currently, the Software Engineering team dedicates hundreds of hours per week maintaining and updating said platforms. This includes planning both short and long-term engineering projects, maintaining all current internal tool, consulting with various Ideal Concepts teams to develop new features to improve our current technology, and working closely with federal and state exchanges to integrate our technology.

Team metrics

Integrate With 10+ Insurance Exchanges

Over 12M SalesRadix Calls/Year

More Than 100k iWebQuotes Enrollments/Year

Rollout 20+ Software Releases/Month

Software Engineering DirectorMeet our Software Engineering Director!

Vikas Agarwal

Vikas Agarwal has been with Ideal Concepts since its inception in some capacity or another. Originally contracted to handle some engineering work, Vikas eventually joined our team as the only engineer. Now, he manages a team of more than a dozen!

He has nearly 20 years of experience, which has proven to be invaluable to our efforts as an insurance technology leader. Vikas spends his time gathering engineering requirements and converting them into detailed technical specifications.

He is responsible for planning and designing all of the necessary engineering work that his team handles. Vikas also manages and monitors team sprints. Outside of work, Vikas plays chess and is an amateur astronomer.

Vikas Agarwal
“My journey with Ideal Concepts has been highly gratifying in terms of personal and professional growth, work opportunities, and learning. The company’s work culture promotes innovation and experimentation in engineering, thus bringing out the best in me.”

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