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Ideal Concepts’ 4th Annual Holiday Gift Drive

About $5,000 in donations was collected for Bethany Children's Home

President John Pequeno with Carolyn Shultz Spano, the Director of Development at Bethany Children’s Home

Ideal Concepts, Inc. held another successful Holiday Gift Drive benefiting Bethany Children's Home this year. Forty-four Ideal Concepts employees, agents, friends, and family members donated approximately $5,000 in gifts. All 66 long-term residential children received presents, and additional gifts were given to the emergency shelter.

Bethany Children’s Home, established in 1863, provides a safe and nurturing living environment for children who are unable to be in their own homes. While Bethany historically has hosted children as young as 5 years old, right now the kids range from 13-20 years old. Some of these children are orphans, have unfit parents, or are illegal immigrants waiting to be reunited with their families.

Most of the children live full-time in a “cottage” with up to a dozen other children of the same gender and age. There is also an emergency shelter for temporary placements—kids who have nowhere else to go.

This is the fourth consecutive year Ideal Concepts has held a Gift Drive. Each person who donated chose at least one snowflake that featured the gender, age, sizes, interests, and wish list of one deserving child.

Ideal Concepts President John Pequeno and Head of Business Development Alisha Leavelle used the company van to deliver the gifts to Bethany on Sunday, December 16th—just in time for the holiday season!

Below are some pictures taken during the Holiday Gift Drive. Check out our full photo gallery on Facebook!

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