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Ideal Concepts Expands Into the Medicare Market

Ideal Concepts, Inc. & American Insurance Organization is launching Medicare products for the first time

With more than 12 years of experience in the individual health insurance field, Ideal Concepts, Inc. is excited to announce it is expanding its reach to Medicare products for the first time this Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). American Insurance Organization (AIO), the agency arm of Ideal Concepts, is already a leading national General Agency in the Under 65 health and life insurance market. In preparation for offering full coverage for all individual health insurance products, AIO spent the past few months recruiting dozens of experienced Medicare sales agents and partnering with two leading Medicare health carriers. For its launch into the Over 65 insurance field, AIO will exclusively offer Humana and Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement products.

We believe these two carriers have the product offerings, experience, reputation and sustenance necessary for us to successfully support thousands of Medicare clients,” says Ideal Concepts, Inc. president John Pequeno. “In addition to getting the right carriers in place, we have also expanded our staff extensively to positively serve the Over 65 community.

AIO has enlisted the skills of approximately 50 licensed sales agents, each with at least three years’ experience selling Medicare products. With over 100 years’ experience combined, these elite brokers have spent the past two months training and selling Special Election Period (SEP) clients. In addition, AIO hired Medicare Sales Manager Jonathan Price and Assistant Medicare Sales Manager Brian Andrew to support these agents.

 Medicare Sales Manager Jonathan Price &
 Assistant Medicare Sales Manager Brian Andrew

Price is a previous AIO sales agent with extensive Medicare and management experience. “We're extremely excited to branch into Medicare products,” he said. “I believe the Over 65 community can benefit from caring, knowledgeable brokers who have their best interests at heart."

Ideal Concepts is expanding into the Medicare market with the goal of assisting more clients across the country. Since the inception of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, it has worked tirelessly to serve individual health insurance clients, many of whom are confused by multifaceted and ever-changing healthcare mandates.

Since the first ‘Obamacare’ plans went into effect in January 2014, we have enrolled more than 42,000 individuals in Affordable Care Act eligible plans, and over 35,000 in Short Term Health plans. Those clients were also provided more than 72,000 supplemental policies like dental, vision, and accident insurance,” explains Pequeno. “Even before healthcare reform, we have always been committed to helping individuals navigate the complexities of health insurance. As those complexities increased over the past few years, working with a well-informed broker became more and more of a necessity for individuals. Our expansion into Medicare was a natural progression as our clients matured.

Our expansion into Medicare was a natural progression as our clients matured. - Ideal Concepts, Inc. President John Pequeno

With the addition of Medicare products, Ideal Concepts and AIO are now able to serve every population in need of individual health coverage- from part-time employees and independent contractors, to early retirees and those eligible for retirement. Offerings include ACA eligible products, ACA alternatives like short term health, supplemental insurance like dental, vision, accident and critical illness plans, Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplements. AIO’s licensed, experience brokers are available 7 days a week, and sell products in all 50 states.

About Ideal Concepts, Inc.

Ideal Concepts, Inc. was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur John Pequeno, who saw a need for advanced technology in the insurance industry. Ideal Concepts spent the past 12 years working diligently to develop bleeding-edge sales technology and strategies to accelerate and simplify the insurance sales process from client, to broker, to insurance carrier. Proprietary technology includes SalesRadix, a customer relations manager that connects live leads to brokers across the country, iWebQuotes, a private health exchange built in conjunction Healthcare.gov that streamlines the process of qualifying for tax subsidies and enrolling in ACA plans, and SureMed, a supplemental product package that includes options for dental, vision, accident and critical illness insurance.

About American Insurance Organization

Launched in 2007, American Insurance Organization (AIO) is an Insurance Marketing Organization which partners more than 50 leading health and life insurance carriers with more than 3,000 independent brokers across the country. Using Ideal Concepts’ technology, AIO has grown to become the #1 producing General Agency across all individual products for many leading national and local carriers.

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