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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021

In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight just a few of the amazing female leaders at Ideal Concepts, Inc.!

In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight just a few of the amazing female leaders at Ideal Concepts, Inc.!

One such leader is Ashley Rancourt, Administrative Services Director. Her perfectionist attributes, outstanding work ethic, and perseverance led her to be named the first Director at Ideal Concepts in July 2017.

As the Administrative Services Director, Ashley oversees roughly 30% of the company’s employees across five departments. She is also heavily involved in the creation of new policies, processes, and company guidelines.

Ashley started working at Ideal Concepts as an entry-level life insurance Case Manager in 2010. Since then, she’s worked her way up through four different positions.

“Unofficially, Ashley is known as an authority on all Ideal Concepts processes,” says Business Development Manager Alisha Leavelle. “Based on her vast experience working in various departments, her history within the company, especially as someone who started when the company was just a handful of employees who wore multiple hats, and her outstanding leadership abilities, Ashley is an essential company resource.”

As a female company Director, Ashley serves as a role model for other female employees who aspire to leadership positions. She has mentored dozens of women, many of whom have achieved team lead or management roles at Ideal Concepts.

One of Ashley’s direct reports is Commissions Manager Darcy Reifinger. She oversees the Commissions team to ensure all contracted agents get paid properly and on time.

Darcy started as a Commissions Accounting Specialist in 2015 before her promotion to Commissions Manager a few years later.

Darcy develops procedures for processing commissions from more than 90 different carriers. She also runs reports for other departments to analyze important data like the number of policies per state, retention of different products, and average premium rates. Darcy has been at the forefront of implementing new procedures to research and track commissions for all agents.

Licensing Manager Eileen Swift is another committed female leader at Ideal Concepts. She joined us in March 2017 because she wanted to work for a growing company with a great reputation.

Eileen’s team ensures our thousands of sales agents are appointed with dozens of our carrier partners. In the past two years, the Licensing department has grown 100%! With more people on her team, Eileen streamlined the onboarding process for new agents. This led to happier agents and better retention!

“Working for Ideal Concepts has allowed me the opportunity to make a positive difference to the people within the company and to the community,” Eileen says. “My voice is heard, as a woman and as a valuable member of a team who can and does help contribute to the success of the company.”

Alyssa Sherrill also contributes to the success of Ideal Concepts as the Call Quality Manager. She helps oversee the training, growth, and development of our Call Quality Specialists and Team Leads. She also assists with coordinating agent compliance through call reviews and feedback. Alyssa stays on top of all the agent trends and all standard, regulation, and product changes in the market to ensure agents are provided up-to-date and effective training.

Alyssa joined us as a Call Quality Specialist in February 2019. She was soon promoted to Medicare Call Quality Team Lead, before becoming the Call Quality Manager in August 2020.

Alyssa has this to share with her contemporaries: “As a female in the workplace, don’t be afraid to speak up and advocate your ideas. Putting yourself out there creates the opportunity to be recognized, effectuates positive changes, and blazes a trail that allows others to rise along with you.”

Terri Barlosky is additional example of how female leadership thrives at Ideal Concepts. As the Member Services Manager since 2018, Terri helps to vet, hire, train, and manage her team of Member Service Representatives.

Since starting with the company, Terri has seen the quality of our service improve tremendously with the implementation of call quality standards, new policies and procedures, call reviews, and regular coaching sessions with the representatives. The department has a true team atmosphere where everyone pitches in to accomplish their overall goals.

Terri says, “As a manager in the business world I am able to be caring, compassionate, and inspiring for my employees. I have also learned how to make choices and not sacrifices in order to balance my personal and professional lives.”

In addition to the managers highlighted here, we have a robust staff of even more amazing women in Team Lead and Assistant Manager positions who help foster an inclusive environment at Ideal Concepts.

We are extremely grateful for all of the inspiring women who help make Ideal Concepts the company it is today. Thank you for everything you do!

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