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Ideal Concepts Named a Top Workplace for 2018

For the second year in a row, Ideal Concepts has achieved "Top Workplace in the Lehigh Valley" status.

Software Engineering Manager Vikas Agarwal, Sales Manager Michael Papuc, & President John Pequeno

Ideal Concepts, Inc. has once again been named a Top Workplace in the Lehigh Valley for the second year in a row! Ideal Concepts ranked #14 in the Lehigh Valley “Small Business” category- no easy feat considering more than 84 companies competed.

The Top Workplaces are named based solely on the results of an employee feedback survey administered by Energage, an employee research and consulting firm. Several aspects of workplace culture were measured, including benefits, perks, career advancement, and management.

Ideal Concepts President John Pequeno says, “It’s rewarding to once again make the list of Top Workplaces in the Lehigh Valley. This award may mean more than any other, considering it is based solely on the opinions of employees, the heart and soul of Ideal Concepts. We’ve all worked very hard together, navigating our way through growing pains associated with doubling our staff within a year!”

Mr. Pequeno makes a valid point, as Energage reports that smaller employers tend to score higher than larger employers. As Ideal Concepts moves from “Small Business” to “Mid-size Business”, new difficulties- as well as new opportunities- will inevitably emerge.

“Becoming a Top Workplace isn’t something organizations can buy,” said Doug Claffey, CEO of Energage. “It’s an achievement organizations have to work for.”

Ideal Concepts employees accept their Top Workplace award.

As part of the survey, employees were encouraged to comment on why they would recommend working at Ideal Concepts. One anonymous employee wrote: “It is a fast growing company and if someone has potential and is willing to give his/her 100% then they can learn and grow with company. There are huge opportunities available in the company for anyone who is passionate about his career and willing to do hard work and grow.”

When asked “What impresses you most about the values and ethics of Ideal Concepts, Inc.?” another anonymous employee wrote: “The day-to-day communication between colleagues is like none other I've experienced. Everyone is willing to pitch in, or lend a helping hand when needed. No matter which department, what their title is, or how long they've been here, everyone is treated equally and with the same respect. This is rare. And very much appreciated.”

The most answered question on the survey was the statement “I love my job because…” Here’s a sampling of some employees’ answers:

  • “I appreciate the trust my entire team places in me, and I enjoy working hard to make sure I deserve that trust. I love that every single team member comes in here with a determined spirit and personal career goals, and we work together to achieve those goals. No one is just a 'cog in the machine'; everyone's contributions are valued, appreciated, and celebrated. I like that together, we have managed to reach heights I only dreamed of when I first started.”
  • “Every single Ideal Concepts employee has a stake in the company’s success. We are very team-driven, and are made to feel that our work has a direct impact on the health of the company. We have grown tremendously over the past few years, and I believe that is in direct correlation with the value placed on everyone's individual and team contributions. I know that my abilities are valued, and I am made to feel that my position is crucial to the growth of Ideal Concepts.”
  • “I love being challenged, and learning new things. The culture here is great. It makes coming to work fun and exciting. I hope we can continue to keep the positive and welcoming culture as we continue to grow.”
  • “It's genuinely a nice place to be. The culture is great. My co-workers are friendly and welcoming, and the company morale is awesome. Everyone here has motivation for success, which is very evident. Coming into work every day is easy because everyone loves what they do, and loves being a part of this team.”

Since Energage is a national company that works with businesses across the country, they were able to compare Ideal Concepts’ scores to other companies in the Financial Services & Insurance: Health Insurance category. Questions were grouped into four general categories: My Manager, Alignment, Effectiveness and Connection. Ideal Concepts scored above industry average in every single category!

Besides the positive feedback, constructive criticism was also provided. Ideal Concepts has pledged to use this feedback to continue to improve the company culture year after year.

If you’d like to see the full list of 2018’s Top Workplaces, check it out here: Morning Call Top Workplaces

And if you’d like to join a winning team, check out our Career page to see a list of our current open positions!

Some of Ideal Concepts' management team cheer at the awards dinner.

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