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iWebQuotes Private Health Exchange Launches

Ideal Concepts, Inc. kicks off Open Enrollment with the launched of our private health exchange

Ideal Concepts, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our private health insurance exchange on iWebQuotes.com. Our revolutionary online health marketplace is one of the only exchanges in the country to offer individual major medical health insurance, as well as dental, accident, critical illness and other supplemental products. Our proprietary exchange allows clients to directly enroll in plans while avoiding the confusion of Healthcare.gov. It also enables brokers to enroll clients, accommodating the complicated coverage needs of their clients by offering a variety of carriers and products.

As a client or broker, you'll be able to compare all of our top-rated, national and local carrier choices, as well as supplemental options, with iWebQuotes' exchange," says Ideal Concepts President, John Pequeno. "In addition, unlike many other private health exchanges, there is no re-direct to Healthcare.gov- you can quote and enroll in any plan you want, all in under 5 minutes.

Enrollment on the iWebQuotes private exchange is quick and easy. The online marketplace allows clients and brokers to quote and compare plans, and qualify for government subsidies. It then compares the prices of ACA compliant health insurance plans, side by side, so clients have access to every carrier available. After an easy, one page application, you can check mark off ancillary products like dental and accident, and enroll in all chosen plans.

Sales VP and co-founder of American Insurance Organization, Michael Zitzke, calls our new innovation a "game changer". "Healthcare.gov is too complex for the average user. It's overwhelming for them to shop for coverage," he says. "Clients and brokers are frustrated with the many problems they encounter on government exchanges: website glitches, limited products, and a tedious enrollment process. I'm so thrilled that you'll never run into those issues on iWebQuotes.com."

It took over a year for a team of engineers working closely with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to finish building our unique private exchange. Check it out for yourself at www.iWebQuotes.com.*

*The exchange is offered as a free service to all Ideal Concepts brokers. If you are interested in becoming a broker and using this technology, please contact Talent Acquisition Specialist Joseph Cocuzza by emailing Jobs@IdealConcepts.com.

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