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Open Enrollment for ACA Plans Starts Nov. 15th

What you need to know about year two of Open Enrollment for Affordable Care Act health plans

ALLENTOWN, PA – As the Nov. 15th start date of Open Enrollment approaches, it’s important to remember that 41 million Americans are still uninsured, according to the most recent survey released by the United States Census Bureau. Of those who are privately insured, more than 60 percent have difficulty understanding their health insurance options and almost 40 percent are afraid they picked the wrong plan.* One way of eliminating the confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act and major medical plans is to work with a broker. Ideal Concepts, Inc. currently contracts with over 2,500 brokers across the country who work directly with clients, to help them enroll in health insurance.

Ideal Concepts has relationships with all of the major national health insurance carriers, like Aetna, Assurant, Blue Cross, Humana and United Healthcare. Their licensed insurance agents compare coverage options and enroll clients over the phone in a plan that fits their needs and budget, regardless of carrier.

By law, the cost for a given plan must be identical regardless of where you buy it from,” said John Pequeno, President of Ideal Concepts. “When you buy through an agent, not only are you given options from every carrier, you’re also getting expert advice at no cost. With the added complexity introduced by the ACA, this has become more valuable than ever before.

Since 2005, Ideal Concepts has connected individuals looking for health insurance with experienced, licensed brokers in their area. When the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, many health insurance agents got out of the business, fearful of the coming changes. Agents thought that since individuals would now be able to buy health insurance through online exchanges, that the need for agents would disappear. However, Ideal Concepts was able to predict the future climate of healthcare reform.

People still don’t understand health insurance,” said Mr. Pequeno, a Lehigh Valley native and Lehigh University graduate. “They’re going online and they don’t know what coinsurance is; they don’t know how to look up their prescriptions or make sure their doctors are covered. They’re buying health insurance based solely on monthly premium and getting stuck in unsuitable plans. Additionally, if they don’t calculate their financials correctly, they may end up paying penalties, or even losing coverage.

Even if you bought a health insurance plan last year, there’s no guarantee that same plan is still the best thing for you this year. In this new, competitive and ever-evolving environment, carriers are changing their plans annually. That could mean a drastic rate increase, changes in copays and prescription benefits, or a reduction in your network. It could also be beneficial for you to switch plans or carriers if you’ve had changes in your family’s makeup, health or income.

How Ideal Concepts Can Help

  • Ideal Concepts offers access to thousands of ACA approved plans from dozens of leading carriers.
  • More than 2,500 licensed agents from Ideal Concepts can qualify clients for a subsidy or cost sharing, quote available plans in their area, and sign them up immediately for coverage.
  • Customers can talk to an agent directly by calling 866-999-4932.

* According to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

About Ideal Concepts, Inc.

Ideal Concepts helps connect people from around the country with experienced, licensed health insurance agents in their area. With over 2,500 agents contracted, Ideal Concepts is one of the fastest growing insurance marketing companies in the country. Ideal Concepts is recognized as one of the top five insurance marketing companies in the country by many major health insurance carriers such as Aetna, Blue Cross and United Healthcare. Additional information about Ideal Concepts can be found by visiting www.IdealConcepts.com.

These Ideal Concepts representatives are available for more information, statements and/or interviews about the Affordable Care Act, Open Enrollment, and Buying Individual Health Insurance:

John Pequeno - President

Phone: 610.740.0010

Email: JPequeno@IdealConcepts.com

Alisha Leavelle - Marketing Specialist

Phone: 610.740.0017

Email: ALeavelle@IdealConcepts.com

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