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Ideal Concepts, Inc. Launches SalesRadix.com

SalesRadix.com launches with information about Ideal Concept's revolutionary sales platform

Ideal Concepts, Inc. launched its newest marketing website, www.SalesRadix.com to serve as a resource for potential new agents. The revolutionary, cutting-edge sales solution was introduced to agents over a year ago, and is primarily responsible for Ideal Concept's sales numbers skyrocketing. In the first quarter of 2015, numbers have already surpassed the production for the entire year of 2014.

We're so excited to bring SalesRadix.com to the public," says Marketing Specialist Alisha Leavelle. "Now that we have a whole year under our belt selling with SalesRadix, it's important to continue to grow our agent base. Every experienced health insurance agent who learns about this system is going to be blown away by the opportunity.

SalesRadix.com features in-depth information on SalesRadix's most important characteristics, like Products, Marketing, Technology and Support. Potential agents can learn more about how free leads are provided, why our agents' sales are higher than others, and how clients and sales are tracked. Every aspect of this exciting new platform is featured- from the intense, comprehensive and ongoing sales training, to the innovative and one-of-a-kind Insurance Exchange available only to our agents.

While the groundbreaking technology utilized by SalesRadix is the most prominent feature, it's not the only one. Our agents are finding success with this platform because it's a turnkey sales solution," says Alisha. "All agents are required to do is sell, while we handle the marketing, technology and administrative tasks.

You can check out SalesRadix for yourself at www.SalesRadix.com.

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